• The 3rd Annual Lexus Short Films Series

    For the first time ever, beginning July 15, 2015, Lexus and The Weinstein Company will crowd source director submissions from the filmmaking community worldwide for the third series of the Lexus Short Films.

    Four filmmakers will be selected to each write and direct a short film produced by The Weinstein Company and participate in a tour of top film festivals around the world to promote their films.

    The theme for this series is “Anticipation”, a provocative and nuanced thought-starter providing filmmakers an innovative platform for their imaginations. The four selected filmmakers will be invited to interpret the meaning for their own narrative and to tell a story based around their vision.

    Bring your creativity to life; submit your entry through Withoutabox for your chance to be selected for this exciting and unique opportunity.

    SUBMISSIONS CLOSE october 25TH, 2015

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In 2013, Lexus Short Films was launched with the goal of supporting and nurturing
a new generation of emerging filmmakers. These aspiring directors and writers have received
a unique opportunity supported by Lexus to collaborate with the acclaimed film studio
The Weinstein Company to produce and showcase their work on an international stage.