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Mark on Lexus is the blog of Mark Templin, Executive Vice President at Lexus International. Here, Mark shares his thoughts on all things Lexus including the luxury model lineup and the technologies and culture behind those products. Mark also talks about innovation in design, and environmental thinking – areas where Lexus leads in thought, and action.


SEP 13, 2013

Motor shows in the auto industry are spectacular. The cars revealed are a glimpse into the future - they not only evoke excitement but also promote innovation. I've been visiting motor shows with Lexus for 24 years now, and I am always excited to participate in these fusions of imagination and function.

At Lexus, we're premiering two cars to the world at Frankfurt, the LF-NX concept SUV and the GS 300h. The LF-NX is a truly amazing work, not only for what it accomplishes - the use of smart technology and refinement with a bold, striking look - but for what it says about Lexus' future.

Yesterday, I paused and thought about the input we received from sales consultants and customers and the efforts of our engineers and designers that resulted in the LF-NX. I realized that this car is truly evidence of the way our design philosophy ... our desire to create amazing ... has spread through Lexus. Everyone is fully committed to exploring the boundaries and sometimes breaking through them. Even our motor show stand's design nurtures your imagination as you walk through.

I know I've spoken a lot about design and craftsmanship recently, and it is great to feel the energy and passion firsthand. I'm very excited to discuss it, and how we'll foster it even more in the future.

Until next time...

Mark Templin


  • Executive Vice PresidentLexus International

Mark Templin is Executive Vice President of Lexus International, responsible for leading the luxury brand's global operations. With his appointment to this role in April 2013, Templin became the first non-Japanese executive to oversee an operational division within the company's global headquarters in Japan.